TEXTILE house company was founded in 1996 as textile sorting company.

Since then it has grown into a large company employing more than 1800 people in Europe. In 2018, we moved to a new 16,000m2 hall, where thanks to modern technology, we are able to sort 20,000 tons of textile per year. Our goal is to double sorting production in 5 years.

Sorting story

The sorting process requires an experienced hand of our skilful sorter decide each piece of textile separately whether it is good enough to go to our stores or be recycled. We can handle almost everything, only 2% is waste at the end of the sorting process.

Our shops

We sell best quality goods in our own network of stores. We have 170 stores in 10 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Our stores are visited by 8 million customers each year.

Impact on the environment

In 2017, we sold 20,457,265 pieces of clothing in our shops. If we realize that production of only one t-shirt is consuming 2,800 liters of water, so we've actually contributed to saving 57 million liters of water for just year 2017!

The communication in our company is based on the principle of open dialogue, which helps us to maintain a pleasant, family atmosphere. We take care of our employees, and we prepare a series of training and teambuilding activities each year.

Company Values

Our company has developed its corporate culture and corporate values, which it consistently implements in all processes.


Confidence is our basic principle of functioning and the most significant value. We try to select teams of people with a character we can trust.


In 2017, 1800 employees worked in 8 countries. Each of us is mindful of the roles and ideas of our company.


All processes in the company are analyzed and set up to guarantee the highest possible efficiency.
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