Story of Textile House clothing

Have you ever wanted to know, what is the journey of Textile House clothing, before it hits the stores? Let’s take a look at it together!

We buy clothes in large amounts from all countries of Western Europe. After that, textile is sorted on our semi automatic sorting line, which is one of a kind in central Europe and one of the most modern sorting systems there is. This allows us to sort textile and other goods very quickly and effectively.
If you have been asking what does a large amount of textile means, it is 17 million kilograms yearly, which means, we manage to sort 75 tons daily.

Even though, it may seem like a lot,  it is still just a small drop in the sea of textile waste, which is produced every year.

But back to story of our clothing. When it is comfortably and safely transported to sorting line, that is the moment when our 200 sorters take over.
It is very precise work and that is why, our sorters needs to be very skilled, so they can decide within few seconds, if is the piece suitable for shops, other markets or if it can be used for recycling.

Even if the piece of clothing will make it to „shop selection“ it still needs to go trough more rounds of sorting.

All the products, which you can find in the shops are usually controlled by 2-6 pairs of hands. It is very important for us, that our customers gets only the best.

After the clothes are sorted multiple times, they are distributed to the shops, where they are ready for our customers.
Clothes which are suitable for Vintage shops are just a very small percentage from the whole amount.

Clothing which does not make it to the shops (it is 60 percent of the clothes which we receive) is nicely sorted and send for further sales or recycling.

Recycling is definitely not the easiest way, but it is the way which we chose and we are proud of it.

Let‘s give clothes a second chance together. ?